How to strengthen the corporate spirit of the company's employees to reduce the tension in the team and to increase enthusiasm? The better method of emotional unloading is a sports competition "Archery Battle".

  • The game "Archery Battle" - this is an opportunity to shoot from the bow each other without any consequences and feel like a real archer. The game perfectly develops tactical thinking, reaction speed, as well mproves physical fitness, which is very important for the health of the office staff members. "Archery Battle" - these are new unforgettable impressions, feelings, positive emotions, adrenaline, excitement and the ability to remove negative energy.

  • This will strengthen the team spirit, which will surely have a positive impact on the effectiveness of the company's employees. In addition, "Archery Battle" is a great way to distract your children from smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, to celebrate their Birthday or any other event. Live communication, active movements will be most welcome for modern children.