Back Quiver Ergo Premium

Back Quiver Ergo Premium


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Fletcher presents the ergonomic handmade quivers made of leather from the international brand Lucky Leather.

Ergonomic quiver - a modern solution, the result of practical experiments, based on great experience of professional archers. Because of its shape this quiver comfortably hangs on the back, so you do not feel it. Quiver gives you an opportunity to put arrows inside and pull it out without discomfort when you move through the woods, take part in a dynamic and instinctive shooting and hunt. The main thing is that the quiver doesn’t deform when you bend your back. It keeps the arrows straight.

High quiver edge is like buttress when you put the arrows in without looking. It also holds arrows in quiver, prevents falling out of arrows when you bend your back. Besides it rids you from the noise of arrows in the quiver.

The belt system allows to adjust quiver for you, and carbine will make it possible to put on the quiver  and take it off in seconds as a backpack.

Quiver is made of high-quality genuine leather, with qualitative accessories and 100% of manual labor, that gives absolute individuality.


Monday 13 January 2020 19.21
Back Quiver Ergo Premium

It's been an exciting day today. I've been on holiday for a week and have arrived back home knowing that my new back quiver has arrived in the post. Made by the very talented master in kiev. hand made in italian leather to my colour choice and with a matching arm guard. i've been saving up for a while to buy one of these beauties ever since seeing them on the fb pages of the world traditional archery federation in the ukraine. can't wait for the weekend to try it out!

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    Back Quiver Ergo Premium

    Back Quiver Ergo Premium

    Back Quiver Ergo Premium, professional quiver made of leather, handmade. For dynamic or instinctive shooting, as well as for hunting.


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